Music & Fun

0076xI met Trevor Nelson a few months before the Rio Olympics when he came to my training session and we sat down and did a TV recording of me discussing my favourite tracks and why they were my favourites. We got on instantly and felt a natural synergy in our love of music and being fit and healthy. Teaming up with him for VitalityMove is just a natural progression and I am loving the energy that he brings to the event.


The music for the day will be specifically developed by Jessica, in collaboration with her friend and legendary DJ, Trevor Nelson. Trevor will be using his music expertise combined with an understanding of what you, the British public run to, in order to create the full running and music experience on the day.

Our Field of Fun will be full of activity for you to get stuck into on the day. On top of running and music, your day at VitalityMove will provide a huge amount of other fun and great things to do. The venues will provide an incredible setting to settle in and relax when you aren’t running. We will be adding activities over the coming months, including great sports to try, and cool brands bringing you a variety of other things to get stuck into. Watch this space for news later in the year!

In the lead up to the Music Miles event, we will be asking you as participants what music you’d like to hear all the way around the flat one-mile course. Will it be ‘90’s pop (think Spice Girls & Take That), Britpop (think Oasis, Pulp or Blur), the latest pop (think Little Mix & Shawn Mendes) or even the best of ABBA…? You name it, we’ll aim to play it!

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