Event photos

Well done to everyone who took part in our first ever VitalityMove event at Chatsworth! Our photography partner, AWOL Photography, are busy putting the finishing touches to your event photos.

If you pre-ordered or paid for your event photo bundle on event day, you’ll get an email when these photos are ready. If you haven’t already paid for your images, you’ll have the option of purchasing one images for £10 or all of your tagged images for £25.

Find out more about event photos on AWOL’s website here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s a Tagged Image?
A: A digital photo where your race number is visible and an Official Tagger is able to assign the image to you, the runner, usually by entering your Race Number.

Q: Can I tag myself or others?
A: Yes – members of the public are also able to place Unofficial Tags, which are reviewed by our moderators regularly. If correct, AWOL will approve it.

Q: What is a “bundle”?
A: During an event, a race number may be tagged many times in different locations. A bundle is all of those tagged images brought together under one package, securing all your race photos for one price. You may also wish to wait and purchase individual photos.

Q: Can I buy for a friend / family member?
A: Of course: when you buy a bundle you’re sent a unique code, redeemable against the photos of a certain race number within this event. If you buy multiple bundles, you’re sent multiple codes – simple!

Have another question?
Our Official Photographers operate a knowledgebase and support ticketing system here.