Disney Music Mile

At our VitalityMove event in Chatsworth this July, our Music Mile schedule will contain none other than the best Disney songs to get you moving! To get your family even more excited about getting active, Disney is joining us this year – read on for more information, tips on getting active together as a family, and to vote for your favourite Disney songs!

What is the Disney Music Mile?

VitalityMove will be opening with a very special Disney music-powered family run! Sing, dance and get moving around the Disney Music Mile, continue the fun and practise your coolest dance moves at the peel-off dance zones.

We are also hosting a fancy dress competition for the most creative Disney inspired outfit. How creative can you get? We can’t wait to see you there!

How can I take part?

You can get an unlimited Music Mile pass giving you access to the Disney Music Mile, and all the other themed miles taking place all day long, or get one free with your Challenge 10k or Fun 5k entry… and don’t forget, KIDS GO FREE!

Collect Disney wristbands!

For each Disney Music Mile you complete, you’ll receive a Disney wristband! How many will you collect?

Disney fun


Fancy dress

Did someone say fancy dress? Think magical! Think incredible! Think epic! We’ll be looking for the most creative Disney inspired outfits at the Disney Music Mile.

Check out our top tips for Disney-inspired fancy dress to get you started…